Top Spanish star caught in Sex Scandal

Asking a class of 3 grade 6 (12 year olds) to write newspaper articles in English was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, especially when they totally mis-interpreted the headlines I gave them! Here is a tater…

HEADLINE: “Royal Family set up Internet site”


Royal family set up internet site. In London, Royal’s father is computer programmer so they can get the internet site with ease. The internet sites title is ‘Happy Family’. Many people visit their site. So they’re get popularity quick. They fell it is good idea and happy.

Kevin, TKE Newspaper 2010/12/10.


HEADLINE: “Pop star gives 5 million to saving the rainforest but won’t pay council tax”

Korean popstar RAIN gives 5 million won to saving the rainforest. But won’t pay council tax. Rain is angry. So they’re fighting now, rain and rainforest. I want then to stop.

Timmy TKE Newspaper 2010/12/10

HEADLINE: “Top Spanish Star in Sex Scandal!”

In spain, a top spanish actor is in sex scandal. Stars name is “Hank Brown”. He in scandal but she say “NO”. But peoples don’t velieve. How top spanish in sex scandal? Wow because he is BAD. Because he is famous, more people very surprised. From now on I hope is is coming into bad news. They’re mortified.

Dana. TKE Newspaper 2010/12/10


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