Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Murphys Law: Pray for it to snow on Christmas every year since you were a child and it will never snow. Leave the country for 2 winters in a row, and it will snow more than it did it the previous 2 decades!! Typical!!

Ever since winter starting to creep up on us in Korea, the temperature slowly dropping further and further below 0’c I’ve been praying and praying for snow. I even had a bet on with a friend over whether it would snow here on Christmas day, a bet which I lost miserable. But alas, fear not, my years of hoping and praying were not a complete waste of time for alas my winter wonderland has appeared.

Thanks to the snow I have had to queue for nearly an hour to get a taxi to work resulting in me being VERY late for work two days in a row. I have fallen on my ass while legging it down the road trying to make it to work on time, but ending up late, yet again. I have got frost bite on my arse from making too many snow angels and icy hands thanks to attempting to cycle home in the snow without gloves. Despite all these woes…I STILL LOVE SNOW!!



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