Where dreams come true…


(Insert cheesy American voiceover accent)

Lotte pretty much own Korea. A bit of an exaggeration? We’ll just see about that.

Most things I bought in the supermarket today were made by Lotte…from the sliced ham to the chewing gum. The nearest cinema to me and the biggest shopping centers to be found in korea are owned by Lotte. The hi-tech heated toilet I sat on last Sunday in TGI Fridays was made by…you guessed it LOTTE. So it’s no wonder they also own the “biggest indoor theme park in the world, inclusive of an olympic sized ice-rink, shopping mall, hotel, theater and roller coasters all under one gigantic glass roof.

Welcome to Magic Island
The Princess and her castle
Hold on for the ride of your life on the GYRO SWING

As most people know is a bit like Korea’s version of Disney Land. To be fair its is an absolute rip off of disney land just with different characters and rides. Despite this, Lotte world, is well worth the money. And as the money was only 25,000 won (less than 15 euro!!) for an all-inclusive pass who’s complaining?! From rickety roller coasters to the heart wrenching gyro drop, ghost houses, underground canals following the adventures of sinbad, log flumes, vomit inducing pirate ships, orbiting space and many rides in between Lotte world kept us entertained for a good 10 hours.

The views from the top of the Gyro drop, (a ride that rises over 400 feet into the air ..!!), looking out over seoul metropolis and all the surrounding rides was breathtaking. Well, it would have been if my heart had not been racing at the anticipation that my seat was about to plummet at over 84mph and that I was probably either going to have heart failure or go flying into the frozen lake below!

400 feet of horror..Gyro Drop

Indoor magic at Lotte World
Beautiful sunset over Lotte world frozen lake

Another thrilling ride, and probably everyone’s favorite, was the gyro swing. A ride which fits what looks like plexi glass covering over your head to protect you and straps you in as if you are headed to space is a ride that is sure to get your heart beating, right? RIGHT! Swinging around while being dangled upside down over a load of the nasty looking fair rides made of sharp, threatening metal and a numbingly cold frozen lake is a ride NOT to be missed. Absolutely EPIC.

Over all, the Food wasn’t OVERLY scandalous, the queues were all reasonably short and the rides themselves were satisfyingly scary! If you are looking for something fun to occupy your weekend, a trip to Lotte world is highly recommended. Just don’t forget your bunny ears!

Sad, snow-filled swans awaiting summer in the frozen lake
Bunny ears? CHECK. Cheesy Korean pose? CHECK!

5 thoughts on “Where dreams come true…

    1. Haha totally… they wont admit you without them. We even persuaded the one guy with us to buy a big red bow!

  1. Nah they were pretty tame. They have nothing on the American theme park rides but were still fun especially in the cold winter and snow!

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