Hugs, Cats and Monopoly

Only in Korea can you skip from one city o another city to another city all in one day. Only in Korea can you drink a cup of hot chocolate in a cafe FULL of roaming meowing, purring, attention seeking cats. Only in Korea can you sit down in a cafe and be given a menu with absolutely nothing you can eat or drink, but instead an array of over 100 board games for you to play at your leisure.

This weekend, instead of our usual jaunt to Hongdae partying til the wee hours of the morning, we decided to do something a little…different. The day started with a trip to a delicious Indian restaurant between Hongdae and Sinchon, to gather some energy for the fun packed day ahead.

Becky, inviting passers by for a free hug!
Some people were quietly amused

Next we headed to the park next to Hongik University for the days mission; to give out FREE HUGS to as many passersby who wanted them. My friend Brooke had cleverly used the idea as a class arts project, getting all her students to make beautiful “Free Hugs” signs written in both Korean and English! Before we had even started, a group of American tourists had gathered around us, curious to see what we were up to, and thus started our day of hugging.

Many people were very timid at first, walking up to us very shyly and giving us timid hugs then running away with their girl friends giggling. Others seem to accept the idea immediately running towards us at full force and jumping into our arms. From boys to girls, tourists to locals, ajammas, ajosshis and local workers..everyone and anyone that passed us was offered a hug! It was an awesome event and left us all, a little cold, a little tired but on a total high.

Brightening up the train ride!
Hugging everyone..and everything!!

We took full advantage of our “Sober Saturday” (first time ever being in Hongdae in the day time!), and headed to Tom’s Cat Cafe. For 8,000 won entry fee, we could order one free drink and spend as long as we liked playing with the little fuzz balls as they jumped on our table, climbed into our bags and made sure everyone knew we were in their house now!!

Despite the fact that I’m not really a big cat lover, (dogs all the way, eh?) it was fun to watch them climb all over the place and hold them in my arms for a few minutes. It was cute to see all the cat lovers rolling around on the ground with them and trying to constantling catch their attention by waving bells and toy cats in front of them.

Having a snooze...Cat Cafe, Seoul
Tom's Cat Cafe

An hour later, we hopped on the subway and headed to Ilsan, a city of 2 million half way between Geumchon and Seoul. Here, after getting a  bit lost, we found our way to the  Board Game cafe on La Festa where we played an epic 3 hour-long game of Disney Monopoly. Despite a few tiffs over rules, agreements in which certain players became “exempt: from paying rent and having to use traffic cones instead of house …dun dun daaaa.. I WON!! An EPIC end to an EPIC day!


10 thoughts on “Hugs, Cats and Monopoly

    1. They have it in English in Into’s in Ilsan. In fact, I dont think you can even get scrabble in Korean, wouldnt really work!

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