Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white

No, this isn’t a post about the late King of Pop, or some insightful post about racial oppression. This is, in fact, a little more light-hearted, although perhaps not as cheesy as those struck by cupids arrow may desire.

Valentines day is always cheesy. The soppy poems, the chocolates, the public displays of affection. Turns out I have not seen the half of it, and neither have you, unless you are currently residing in Korea that is.

With D-day fast approaching, the streets of Korea appear to be over-flowing with an array of overly cheesy gifts; ranging from florists selling fake flowers (why, oh why would a FLORIST sell fake flowers?! My  mum would be appalled!) to every 7-11 and corner shop selling tacky bouquet shaped packets of Ferrero Rocher, wrapped in tacky, multi colored plastic, truly horrific.

This would all be bearable if we were reassured it will all be over come Monday. Alas, Korean marketing companies have really tapped into their soppy, doting population by creating not ONE but THREE holidays.

Valentines day, on February 14th where girls hand over cheesy gifts to their boyfriends, March 14th, “White Day”, where the boys repay the favor but usually handing over much more expensive gifts and April 14th, known as the ever tragic “Black Day” where all the poor single ladies convene at a local noodle joint and devour black noodles to mourn (or in an ideal world celebrate) their singledom. 3 months, 3 days, 3 (Korean) holidays and an overload of cheese.

On that note, if you are feeling a little adventurous this Valentines day why not EMBRACE the cheesiness, and create or invest in these unique gift ideas. Enjoy!


Some heart shaped Cheddar for your loved one?
A bit of... hard wood??! (Also known as a cheese board!)


Some Cheese and crackers, love?
Extra Cheese...purleaseee
Strawberries in my toast?!...You are a KEEPER!

13 thoughts on “Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white

  1. I remember this holiday scheme ruining my holidays in 2009. This year I have a fool-proof plan. I’ll put on a heartful display and receive chocolates galore, then run off to Europe with all of the chocolate goodness before March 14th arrives.

    Selfish? Perhaps.
    Greedy? Definately
    But in the’s all about who has the chocolate. :))

    1. Haha good plan Josh! I *should* be happy as a bunny this year with a lovely boyfriend b my side..but ALAS he is off exploring the exotic lands of Laos and Burma and may not return for a few months so Valebtines day is cgoing to be this year.

      1. Haha dance monkey boy dance!! lol Its weird isn’t it how the GIRLS must give the Ireland its all about receiving gifts!!

  2. Explaining Valentine’s day to my kids today…I informed them that we don’t celebrate Black or White Day so on Valentine’s day – boys and girls give each other gifts.

    One of my kids responds…”Yea but you have Halloween. Halloween best day. More candy.” hahaha!

    1. Haha brilliant, man koreans love their candy. All my students (the bots that is) refused to make cards in class saying that was the girls job..hey also demanded chocolats from like whoa whoa whoa its not even valentines day yet!!!

  3. Hey isn’t White Day known as Steak & Blow Job Day in the west? Or is that only New Zealand?? 😀

    I hate Valentine’s Day with a passion. More so on cruise ships where the ratio is like 9:1 guys to girls.

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