It aint over til the fat lady sings…

A lot of people dread valentines day. A lot of people hate valentines day. A lot of people adopt the name “single awareness day” as Valentines is a harsh reminder to their current relationship status. So what if I told all these sad souls, who are now no doubt, relieved that D-DAY has come to an end, that if they are living in Korea (as I am) there are 10 more “Love Couple” days to come, each one falling on the 14th day of every month this year (and every year for that matter!)

How do I know this? My wonderful students of course! While teaching an adult conversation class today, we discussed all the holidays that Korean couples celebrate, some very well known, others not so much. I was pretty much in shock when I found out there are not 1 or 2 or even 3 as I previously thought but a WHOPPING 12 days of love.

January 14 is Diary day when guys give their girlfriends a new journal and all the special days of the year are penciled in right away.
February 14–Valentine’s Day. In Korea,girls give guys chocolates on this day. Guys DO NOT buy presents weirdly enough.
March 14–White Day. It’s the guys turn to repay the favor, usually with more expensive gifts like flowers and jewelry.
April 14–Black Day. The REAL singles awareness day. All the single ladies go eat black noodles together. Depressed much?!
May 14–Rose DaY. Couples exchange roses with eachother. Pass the vomit bucket.
June 14–Kiss Day. Kiss everyone you meet on this day or be faithful and just kiss your other half!!
July 14–Silver Day. You are expected to buy each other silver expense spared here!
August 14–Green Day. Appreciating the environment and nature with the one you love. Yes, this is an ACTUAL day!
September 14–Photo Day. Take a photo of your loved one and display it. Again, an ACTUAL day for this task?!
October 14–Wine Day. Now THIS is a holiday I can appreciate..mmmm mmmm.
November 14–Movie Day. Go see a movie with your other half…do it now!!
December 14–Hug Day. Again, i love hugs so this one is pretty cool by me!

15 thoughts on “It aint over til the fat lady sings…

  1. how funny! although I see some complications with the movie day… tickets must be booked in advanced, that day they’re surely all sold out!

    I’ll stick to the wine day, too.

    1. I know, especially in Korea where there seem to be MILLIONS of couples. They are EVERYWHERE…I doubt anyone over 18 here is single it’s mad.

  2. I would much more prefer to get a gift or flowers as a surprise on any other day of the year, than something that was just bought because it is Valentines Day…
    But a national holiday for drinking wine… sure could use one or two of those here…

    1. Im with you there sister, lol. Wine day sounds just fabulous. I actually received flowers 2 days after Christmas as my boyfriend went away travelleing. It was such a surprise and was WAY better than getting then on Valentines Day! 🙂

  3. I think it’s sweet to have so many days dedicated to showing your loved one that you care about them.

    I agree they only exist for marketing purposes and to aid in the economy, however, which isn’t a good reason to have love holidays.

    Korea seems to take a more chivalrous approach towards love that I find endearing (at times sickening as well -cough- ‘love couples’ -cough-). 🙂

    1. Yea it’s cute if your in a relationship and like all that cheesy stuff I guess. You are right about Korean men, they seem to fall head over heels to do anything and everything for there beautiful,dainty loved ones including wearing matching clothes and carrying their oversized handbags. lol

    1. Yes cuddle day would be good. I think nature day replaces “random casual sex day”. As im guessing it is where u get it on in the great outdoors!! hee hee Beach Time!!!

  4. Wow, you’ve dug a bit deep for this one. I’ve been here two years and know about Valentines Day, White Day, and Black day (more often celebrated in China where it originated).

    All of these other ones though I haven’t heard of or had people mention them. They seem to be pretty quirky, I wonder if they are more for the younger ones to celebrate?

    1. Or mayb only truly devoted Korean couples do them. Hee ee. Or maybe they pick and choose. there is also pepero day lest we forget!!!

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