Snowing faster than an Irishman drinks

*Beep Beep* coming through, coming through! Crash. Bang. Brrrrrr.

Who knew maneuvering a bike on ice would be so difficult?! Well put two clueless girls on a tandem bike, give them a push start across a frozen lake and the task is no less difficult! Transfer said girls to two separate trikes where one must lean towards the cold ice in order to get the trike to turn and you have yourself a highly entertaining exhibition!!

Last weekend on ski trip to YongPyong resort on the East Coast, my friends and I took a detour from the ski resort and found ourselves at the PyeongChang (the town that is bidding for the 2018 winter olympics) Ice fishing festival.

Now THIS is extreme couchsurfing!
Brittany attempting the Ice Trike

The initial idea of ice fishing sounds cool. THE IDEA. But once you are standing on the frozen ice looking at people freezing their asses off while attempting to catch trout from the icy river with crappy plastic sticks the novelty dies fairly quickly.

We opted out of said frozen nastiness (man I HATE the smell of fish, vom…) and instead decided to do all the kiddie activities, much to the amusement of Junho our Discover Korea guide and personal translator! For the BARGAIN price of 8,000 won we got an all in ticket. Now, we didn’t think there would be much involved in this “all included” ticket. After all, what can one do when it is -24’c and snow is falling from the sky faster than an Irishman can drink.

Beautiful Britters

Tubing down a mountain

How wrong we were. One thing Koreans know how to do is winter activities. First up was the sledding, where we picked our tube of choice, climbed to the top of the hill and, waiting for the magic whistle and , surrounded by elementary school children, flew down the snowy mound, racing each other to the finish. We stopped to pose for a quick photo than ran to the top to do it all over again..oh the fun!

Next we headed over to the frozen lake to check out the ice bikes but were mesmerized by the choice. 1st there was a trike, next a tandem bike, a sled and a weird contraption involving a small block of wood which you sat on cross-legged and 2 poles with spikes attached to pull yourself along. Endless entertainment!!


Brittany tried to kill me on the sled, Laurel and I were in fits of giggles as our trike almost collapsed as we were whizzing around a corner and we all had lots of fun “attempting” to turn the little trikes without colliding into kids on electronic bikes or the mounds of snow which were forming fast.

So after with a full day of fun and frolics at the ice-festival, a few posed photos on a sofa carved from ice, we headed back to our resort in order to get our beauty sleep in preparation for a full day on the slopes. YeongPyong resort was truly beautiful. I guess the 3 foot of snow that fell over night (a record snowfall in Korea, most snow in over a CENTURY!!) helped! The powdery snow meant the slopes were perfect, the scenic views from the top were spectacular and despite the freezing cold temperatures the sun shone from morning til night making it one of the best weekends thus far in Korea.

On top of the world

An array of color on the dragon peak
Like a child in a candy store..I HEART snow

9 thoughts on “Snowing faster than an Irishman drinks

  1. haha I LOVE the pictures !!! It really looks like a lot of fun… specially that tandem bike, that’s soo cool! I wanna go there 🙂

    Btw. why is all the snow in Korea… and NOT in Switzerland? So unfair !!

    1. Is there no snow in switzerland at the moment? Very bizarre! Yeah does not seem to want to stop here, never seen so much snow in my life!

      1. I was wondering because surely it is still ski season over there?? Even Ireland got landed with record snowfalls this year and it normally NEVER snows there!!!

  2. That looks like SOOOOO much fun 😀 I remember when it started snowing here and there were the big fluffy snowflakes coming down. I havent’ seen that kind of snow in years. I ran outside and opened my mouth. and then of course I threw a snowball. My student couldn’t believe it. haha Later I had a snowball fight with some middle or high school boys outside my apartment. hehe But Bike Skating!!!! REALLY? AWESOME! 😀

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