Taebaek Snow Festival 2011

A few weekends ago a group of 10 from the Geumchon Crew headed to Taebaek mountain for the annual “Taebaek snow festival”. We decided to go with a tour group called Adventure Korea, which allowed us to keep costs down, make a bus-load of new friends and not have to worry about figuring out transport or accommodation… so a pretty smart decision all around!

As this was a purely visual event, with some of the coolest snow sculptures I have ever seen, (hmm then again I have only ever really seen snowmen in the past so not much to compare to..Ireland isn’t actually snow capital of the world and my travels in Australia and Africa didn’t expose me to much snow either…!) pictures should tell the story better than words. Enjoy.

Best pic of the day, and taken by the event photographer!
Prancing through the woods!
I love jumping!
So Korean...


Fun in the snow
Opera House of snow
Korean Snow temple
A snow tank...this is Korea you know!!
The Sphinx..but made of snow and in Korea!
Strike a pose!
Awesome icicle tree
The King
Sphinx head
Snow fun in Taebaek
Snow goddess
Group picture

9 thoughts on “Taebaek Snow Festival 2011

    1. Haha good plan! Yea they seem to have endless ideas to entertain the masses here in winter, who knows what fun is in store for spring and summer!!

    2. Hello, Janet!
      This is Ji who is one of CSer living in Korea. I just looked through your blog and it’s awesome! Especially, this post is amazing! haha, I’ve never been to Taebaek Snow Festival but it looks quite impressive. I’d better go there next year! 😉 Hope you enjoy living in Korea! :)))

      1. Hey Ji! Thanks for reading my blog and hope to meet you at a couchsurfing event in the near future! 🙂

    1. You should definitely go. I fact, I think there are lots of snow festivals, many with sculptures even better than Taebaek. Every weekend in korea something awesome seems to be going on! Janet

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