Safety issues at Doctor Fish

While I myself had not had the opportunity yet to experience Doctor Fish (despite there being at least 2 in Seoul), both my parents and many of my close friends have tried it. People mainly go for the giggles (it tickles…a lot!) and the experience but it is also supposed to be a great alternative to conventional pedicures!

Doctor Fish, originating in Turkey and the Middle East and now very popular around Asia, involves dipping your twinkly toes into a tank full of flesh eating fish. Sounds attractive, right? Well basically you put your feet into a tank and these little, toothless “Garra Rufa” fish nibble away at your dead skin giving you a perfect pedicure in minutes.

But hold on, don’t run off to your nearest spa just yet. The BBC released this article yesterday questioning the safety of these “Doctor fish”. The main issue is the while the little nibblers munch on hundreds of feet they may also be spreading infection and disease from foot to foot. Although no official complaints have been filed in the UK yet, many states in the US have already banner their use.

Maybe think twice before giving your feet, and the fish, a little treat.


2 thoughts on “Safety issues at Doctor Fish

  1. Yo

    I tried the Dr Fish in KL it was amazing, i went back a few times and they ate the Sh*T out of all the dad skin on my feet, they made a world of a difference.

    It’s only obvious that they could spread something and i’m leaving vegimite out of this!!

    But you do get new happy feet and that worth the cost and the price



    I wore a condom the whole time, in case you were wondering?

    1. Kieran you totally crack me up! Hmmm yea I might try in some time..maybe after a sun holiday this summer!! Im glad you protected yourself against potential disease…!

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