“Practice what you preach – reaching out to Japan”

I came across this blog through my sister. Click on it if you if you too wish to donate

This wonderful person, Britni Tozzi, in an effort to raise funds for a school project in Africa AND at the same time raise funds for earthquake relief in Japan, is matching every single dollar you donate to her charity “Global Empathy Now” by personally donating a dollar to the Japan Earthquake appeal.

I think it is great that she is practicing what she preachs and helping those less off . Living so close to Japan, knowing fellow teachers and friends working there and constantly hearing about the devastation the earthquake has caused, I feel this is a very worthy and a fantastic way to continue raising money for Africa, where they are forever in need, and for money in Japan where they need urgent help now.

This person is living proof that there is still a bit of good in the world. 🙂


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