Hello Kitty, Mona Lisa and Padlocks

My sister Pam and her boyfriend Paul visited Seoul 2 weeks ago which gave me a chance to act as tour guide and be a tourist in Seoul, something I hadn’t done in months. Within a 2 day period we checked out the foreigner hub of Itaewon, Gyeongbukgung palace and some other temple near city hall, The National Folk museum, Hello Kitty Cafe, the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, Seoul Tower, ate lots of traditional korean food from galbi to dokbokki and even checked out a dog cafe alongside all the overflowing shops in Myongdong.

Here are some shots from the weekend.

Korea National Folk Museum..a gem amid the cherry blossoms
Gyongbokgung Palace, The changing of the gaurds
Beautiful colors
Pam and I at The Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace and Folk Museum
Hello Kitty Bathroom, Hongdae
Me being cheesy at Kitty Cafe
Paul and Pam at Hello Kitty Cafe
Trick Eye Museum, Brittney "escaping criticism"
Giant Brittney, Mini Janet
The Flasher/The Scream
Money, Money, Money
Seoul Tower @ Night
Locks of Love

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