Dancing Under The Shining Stars

“THIS IS WORLD DJ FEST 2011 MOTHERFUCKERS….Can I hear some FUCKING noise? I SAID..can I hear you make some motherfucking NOISEEEEEEE!!”, was probably the most commonly screamed sentence throughout my Dj fest experience.

Be it 4pm, sun is shining, people slowly filtering through the gates ready for fun in the sun, sipping cocktails out of plastic bags or lazing on the grass or be it 4am people passed out on said grass, people jumping up and down in the “mosh pit”, strobe lights flashing, ground vibrating, cameras panning the crowd…despite time or location the DJ’s were always the centre of attention both visually and audibly. Then again, you would expect no less at the World DJ festival..it’s all in the name!

Brittney and I with our spankinh new(free) tattoos

That said, the festival really was more than just music. SO much more than music. We spent hours walking around checking out all the different areas from the tight rope walking section, to the princess tent (where skilled Korean make up artists could do you up like a porcelain doll) to the creativity art section where you could make things out of recycled card board or make your own sun shade from scraps of material and a clothes hanger!

One of my favourite tents was the body graffiti tent, where (for free) I got my name graffitti’d onto my arm, leaving me look ghetto-tastic for the festival! Next we were given free flower lays from some alcohol company, we meandered around to the world section where people from Africa, Indian and other foreign countries displayed their national crafts and played traditional music which was fun to experience.

Tight Rope Walking Area

The night gets "Heated"!

From the sound stage, to the “cigerette zone” stage, the outdoor silent disco, performing arts troups who showed up randomly and entertained the crown to the Electronic and dance stages there really was something for everyone. As the night went on, the crowds got bigger. We were treated to an awesome fireworks display around 10pm which is when the most well-know Dj’s began their sets and the visual effects and lighting were brought up  a notch.

We grabbed ourselves  front row spots for Judge Jules and Markus Schulz as they really got the crowd going well into the small hours of the morning. Wandering around the grounds was an absolute pleasure in comparison to Irish Music Festivals. There were no queues for the toilets, which were high tech electronic “porta-loos” which even told you how many seconds before you could flush again! Their was little to no queues for food and the selection, although not the best, was also not the worst.

Dj Fest Crowds

Everything had to be paid for by you T-money card, which is something you normally only use for the bus or train. At first it felt a little strage but turned out to be awesomly convenient…just the flash of your card, a quick scan and away you went with your food/new t-shirt/ cocktail whatever! It cut down queues and meant you didn’t have to worry about carrying lots of cash around on your person. 

Over all it was a FANTASTIC festival. Great music, food and over all great company. The style and fashion statements that were made over the past weekend would stun the editors of any well known Fashion magazines. Koreans may not know how to party a shard as other nations but they sure are the masters are “festival chic”.

Festival Chic at Dj Fest
Festival Style at Dj Fest 2011

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