Deokjeok-Do…A weekend of EPICNESS.

I find it hard to put last weekend into words. If there were a recipe for last weekend, it would without doubt make millions for event planners, and fun lovers the world over.

Originally I wanted to start this post like this, “What do you get when you put over 100 fun-loving (slightly MENTAL!), energetic, loud, bordering-alcoholic foreigners on a remote island in the yellow sea, with a raging bonfire, guitars, a 24 hour beach bar, animal costumes, AND 1000’s of tequila shots??” It might not have been heaven, but as far as weekends away go, it was pretty close. 

Braving the cold Yellow Sea
Mini Group Shot....The Swimmers!

It is safe to say that most things done last weekend were done in EPIC proportions. An EPIC amount of foreigners invaded this usually idyllic and peaceful island. Add the hordes of randomers to the 100+ IFX crew, and you have yourself an island invasion.

An EPIC amount of alcohol was drank….and that was all before breakfast! An EPIC amount of friends were made. Every time I log onto facebook all I see is that one friend or another is now friends with about 50 new people, all from last weekend. The weather was EPIC…you just had to look at the glow (ok maybe it was brown, but more likely it was a shimmering red) coming off everyone as we boarded the ferry on monday to know the weather Gods were kind to us!

Pam, Eulalia and I on the main beach
Jumping at Sunset!

So what was this weekend of EPICNESS I hear you ask?? Well last weekend I set off to Deokjeok Do Island in the Yellow Sea, near Incheon with about 20 friends, also teachers, from Geumchon/Munsan. As Monday was Korean Memorial Day, we all had the a 3 day weekend to enjoy. We went as part of IFX (Intrepid Foreign Excursions) a sort of travel group that was sat up by expats in Korea, who arrange brilliant weekend trips away throughout the year, making it easier for foreign teachers to travel and explore the country.

This trip was a 3 day beach get away, inclusive of a 24 hour bar right on the sand, cheap drinks, volleyball, baseball, frisbee and endless other fun that happens when you put 100’s of foreigners on one remote beach with cheap alcohol.

Pam and I; Breakfast of Champions!
A more appropriate breakfast!!

Normally I don’t like tour groups. I like to travel independently, with more freedom to do what I like, when I like. IFX is different though. They arrange all the difficult missions such as booking ferry tickets, accommodation, getting bonfire permits, sorting out delicious western breakfasts etc but at the same time allowed the group the freedom to go off and do as we please. Drink all day? No problem! Want to go hiking? No problem! Need a sleep in? No problem. It was bliss, and now I’m super stoked for my next Korean Adventure with IFX in the form of MUDFEST in a few weeks!

Note…I’m not uploading the drinking pics. There are too many. They are TOO EPIC. That is all.


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