Loving Travel, Loving Life

Fellow Blogger Travel with Papino recently blogged about travel bliss, a rare moment when the outside world seems distant and all you can do is bask in your surroundings. Be it someplace exotic, a moment with good friends, or a break from it all; when we capture these unforgettable moments on camera they make for truly captivating photos.

I have just browsed through album after album of old photos from life in Ireland to life on the road, from Ireland to Latvia, Ethiopia to Taiwan, and Australia to Korea looking for photos that really capture the moment, be it travel bliss or just a moment of extreme happiness.  

This collection might seem a bit random but all these photos hold a special place in my heart and memories come flooding back upon seeing each one of these pictures. If you want to know more about any of them feel free to ask, but I think the picture with the caption tells it all. Let your imagination or heart work out the rest.

Feel free to share yours be it a story or a photo.

Thanks to Papino for this awesome idea.

Boracay Island, The Philippines
Holidaying at home; Baltimore, West Cork
Isle of Tiree, Scotland
Masaii in Mombassa, Kenya
Life is full of joy, Kitale Kenya
Close to Paradise; Auckland, New Zealand
Spreading joy on Childrens Day in Dublin, Ireland
Pure couchsurfing heaven...on a river!
Setiing my eyes on Sydney Opera House for the 1st time...Amazing
At the summit of Mt Seoraksan in South Korea...Breathtaking!
Frolicking in the Cherry Blossoms, Gyeongju
Pure Travel Bliss


2 thoughts on “Loving Travel, Loving Life

    1. Haha it could have been Christian lol. Nah I can remember my friend Anna and I messing around in the water trying at different poses etc and we just couldn’t stop laughing at our ridiculousness!!

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