Top Ten Things to do in Korea

As I only have 2 weeks left in “The Land of Morning Calm” I can’t help but look back and think of all the amazing things I have done here. The friends I have made, the beautiful places I’ve visited, the festivals, the weekend trips, the food, the drink, the nights out and everything in between.

Sure, I’ve moaned and bitched and cried. I’ve complained about things and people that I shouldn’t have and not given enough praise where praise was due, but I guess that’s all part of the travel, and I guess life, experience.

So without further delay…duh duh duh…here is my list of the TOP TEN THINGS to do in Korea.

( This list is aimed at people in Korea for a year or so as lots of the events are spread throughout the year.)

10. Autumn leaves in Seoraksan

 Driving through the most beautiful mountainous valley, golden hues form the colour of the leaves on the surrounding trees and cragged rock faces form the backround for the majestic sunrise. Some people were snoozing due to a 4.30am start, others were simply admiring the sheer beauty of rural Korea. Suddenly, the whole bus starts to swerve…. (click to read more)

Yes, I do have a racoon on my head.

9. Beautiful Busan; A weekend in the sun

It was 6am, the sun was shining and the views of the beach and Gwangan bridge were magical. After struggling  to climb the 4 flights of stairs to our 4th floor apartment, we got a bit of a shock! There were 17 of us were sharing 1 bed, 1 couch and 1 toilet…. (click to keep reading)

Busan Lighthouse

8. Taebaek Snow Festival and Ski Trip

*Beep Beep* coming through, coming through! Crash. Bang. Brrrrrr.Who knew maneuvering a bike on ice would be so difficult?! Well put two clueless girls on a tandem bike, give them a push start across a frozen lake and the task is no less difficult! Transfer said girls to two separate trikes where one must lean towards the cold ice in order to get the trike to turn and you have yourself a highly entertaining… (click to read more)

 7. Seoul Silent Disco series

It’s 5pm, the sun is shining and over 150 people from all walks of life (from a mother with her newborn baby, punks, travellers, teachers, ballet dancers) are  waiting with anticipation in Yeouido Park in Seoul. Ten minutes later these same people, equipped with just a set of wireless headphones and a balloon, are randomly jumping up and down… (Click here to read more)

6. Free Hugs Seoul; Spread the Love

Our mission; to give out FREE HUGS to as many passersby who wanted them. Many people were very timid at first, walking up to us very shyly and giving us timid hugs then running away with their girl friends giggling. Others seem to accept the idea immediately running towards us at full force and jumping into our arms… (Click HERE to read more)

Brightening up the train ride!

5. Lotte World Theme Park

From rickety roller coasters to the heart wrenching gyro drop, ghost houses, underground canals following the adventures of sinbad, log flumes, vomit inducing pirate ships, orbiting space and many rides in between Lotte world kept us entertained… (Click HERE to read more)

Hold on for the ride of your life on the GYRO SWING

4. SantaCon Seoul; Christmas Madness

Koreans are heading home from work, or sitting under gas heaters on the sidewalk keeping their toes from freezing in the harsh Korean winter, sipping cups of coffee, devouring galbi or just chatting with friends. Now throw in 300 drunk foreigners dressed as Santa marching down the street, beer in hand , singing dirty versions of traditional Christmas songs and you have yourself an eclectic mix of craziness… (Click HERE to keep reading)

3. Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival

I could talk forever on how AMAZING my weekend in Gyeonju was. It is a city rich in culture and history. It’s beautiful, it is charming, it is delightful. I developed a crush on the quaint, cherry blossom lined streets by day and fell head over heels with its spectacular lake and temples by night… (click to read on)

A festivals for the senses

 2. Getting Naked; A Korean Jimjilbang

Naked Koreans were everywhere. A room full of naked flesh and most women weren’t even bothering to use their towels (albeit more like handkerchiefs) to cover up their private bits. Far from it in fact. Onewoman was sprawled out on the bench in the centre of the changing room, nonchalant to her nakedness…. (click to read more)

1. Lotus Lantern Festival

From 3 Tibetan monks sitting in a small triangle doing a traditional painting, to children attempting to jump over 2 gigantic skipping ropes and getting involved in other cultural activities. There were koreans in traditional hanbok, live music performances and traditional dancing all the way down the street… (Click HERE to read more)

Other things worth a mention include;

DeokJeokDo Island

The Pumba Festival

World DJ Festival

Hi Seoul Festival in September

MysteryTrain Trip to Gunsan and Seonyudo Island


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Things to do in Korea

  1. In 3 years in Korea, I’ve done just the top3 … gosh … reminds me there is so much more to be done. Another thing that I’d like to add to that list is cycle around Jeju …. its a fascinating experience … probably the best I’ve had in Korea so far!

    1. Hey! Yea deffo one of my regrets is not making it to Jeju!! Cycling arounf Seonyudo island was also awesome!

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