Faces of Africa

Some photos I took of the ever-interesting people I saw or met while in Kenya and Ethiopia. Sometimes by just looking at a single photo of a person I believe you can tell what type of life they’ve had, hardships they have encountered, joy they have celebrated.

What do you think?

A man sits in the shade of the city wall on a hot day in Harar, Ethiopia
A young boy gaurds his hut in the Bale Mountains, Southern Ethiopia
Young Shepherd Boy

Young Shepherd Girl in the Bale Mountains
A young girl inspecting a dead bee inside the walls of Harar
A local man sitting on the beach in Malindi, Kenya
Women of the Dorze Tribe in Southern Ethiopia
A woman in the market in Harar, Eastern Ethiopia
A natural medicine doctor in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
Some happy kids from Kitale, Kenya

9 thoughts on “Faces of Africa

    1. Cool, I will check them out now! I lived in SA for a year when I was 18/19…sadly that was back before I owned a digital camera so very few photos from back then. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. Yes lots!! My favorite place was Harar in the south East, such an amazing walled city and you can feed wild hyeenas chunks of meat from your mouth!!! Also the Bale Mountains are really beautiful, you can get a bus from addis to Dodola (i think) and then go on a 3 day horse back tour through the mnts! So amazing! I didn’t get to go to Lalibela but it’s supposed to be unreal, ancient rock chuches carved into the ground!

    1. Totally agree. As I continuously tell my friends and family, I have let my heart in Africa, and will return to live there some day. The people are amazing, inspirational, friendly and so loving.

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