(Not) Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon…

In Ireland, a lot of people go to Church on Sunday. People have a big Sunday roast, read the bulky, sunday papers. People relax. Maybe go for an afternoon stroll. Well last Sunday, people going for their peaceful breath of fresh air in Dun Laoghaire were in for an entertaining surprise! 

Lots of people say young people these days are lazy or unimaginative. That we don’t get outside enough and enjoy ourselves they way people used to. WELL…Tell that to the group of people who spent last Sunday Afternoon bouncing off a 13ft trampoline into the Irish Sea. “WHY?!”, you ask? Well just for the pure fun of it. I just wish all my Sunday afternoons were as fun!

Few practice flips before the real McCoy!
THAT would be the real McCoy!
**BOING** Jumping into the Irish Sea
Getting ready to take the plunge
Happy after his jump
Long way down
Tis a bit cold
Walking on water

4 thoughts on “(Not) Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon…

  1. Oh God, don’t tell that to Dixon or he’ll actually do it haha. Have you done it before??! Im trying to thing of more crazy, fun things to do this weekend!!

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