Shebeen Flick

Shebeen Chic is a Dublin bar full of character and loyal customers, that is sadly facing closure after a long legal battle. Shebeen Chic is NOT your regular bar though; from promoting local talent, to hosting comedy nights and a swop shop, and inviting in Irish filmakers and screening their home grown movies, it really is a very special place. Oh, and let me clarify that all the above mentioned is FREE OF CHARGE. A bar, in DUBLIN, that hosts movies, comedy and live music for FREE?! Amazing, I know!

Anyway, for fear of missing out should this little Irish treasure be forced to close in the near future, I decided to head down to their “Shebeen Flick” night last night for the screening of two films by Irish Photographer and Director Conor Horgan. Keep in mind that most people there, if I’m being honest, were major film buffs, either struggling within the business or studying some type of film production/making in college. I am neither of the above. I am not a film critic and before yesterday I had no idea who Conor Horgan was!!

We were treated to his first short film which was called “The Last Time”, which was, to put it quite simply, about a middle aged women looking for love/or to get laid one last time. It was really well put together and I thought the main actress was brilliant and played the part very well. It really brought out some of the seedier parts of Dublin. The striking image of one of the older man looming over her in the bedroom scene was… an interesting start to the evening.

The second was his first ever feature length film,made on the small budget (small according to Mr Horgan, epicly huge in my eyes!) of 275,000 euro, called “One Hundred Mornings”. This one was a little eery and quite depressing. Two couples are hiding out in a lakeside cabin. Society around them seems to be collapsing but we have no idea why. (and we are never told!) Fighting over food rations, desperate attempts to get petrol, living without electricity, very little running water all fuel on the inner conflicts and break down of their relationships.

It is very unnerving not knowing what exactly is going on, what is every one on such tender hooks, who are they afraid of?! It was an interesting screening but I can’t lie and say I actually enjoyed the movie. It left me feeling a bit unsettled and a little confused.

Afterwards there was a Q&A session with the Director which was cool, listening to how he thought of the movies, how he got into film-making and how he came up with the name 100 mornings Did you know Ireland has 3 months petrol reserves in case there is some oil crisis in the world. 100 hundred days of reserve then THAT IS IT. Also I guess they were in the cabin for 100 mornings. Gives the movie a timeline.

It was, overall, an interesting and alternative Tuesday evening and one I would encourage others to check out. Go check out Shebeen chic, support their cause, but a few drinks and head downstairs from 7pm (every Tuesday) for some homegrown, talented movies. For free!

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