I think you should….

…Start reading the blogs in my blogroll! I’m quite picky with what I put there so the ones that are listed are true gems. They are blogs I like to look at on a daily basis, so if you find no new posts here, maybe you should go check them out! They will make you laugh, make you cry or maybe even inspire you!

A few of my favorites include the below but everything in  my blogroll is worth reading! 

Blink and You’ll Miss the very cute, adorable blog written by my friend Kelly from college. Bored at work? Feeling a little down? Go check out her blog and all those cute pictures and enviable fashion pics will surely put a smile on your face! Its got over 450 THOUSAND views so she’s deffo doing something right!

Travel With Papino is another of my favorites. Check out and laugh at her Top 10 travel confessions or simply browse through all her wonderful travel photo features. You can submit your own photos too which is pretty awesome… I sent some along to for her Jumping feature as boy do I love jumping shots!

Reasonably Ludicrous is a new kid on the block. Russ is his name and comedy is his game. Seriously this guy has a major gift for story telling and if he doesn’t have you giggling with lines like,(He had…) ” arms the size of porpoises, and a smile that could cure cancer..” I’ll eat my shorts. CHECK HIM OUT NOW!!!

Crabby Old Fart is a blog written  by some grumpy old grandpa with a fiercely offensive mouth and a hatred for the youth of today. All in good nature I’m sure, this guy cracks me. He’s constant complaints about the way we dress, the things we say, that we can’t drive, we listen to crap music, we have tattoos and are all high on drugs…but he writes it all in such a comical way you can’t help but love the crabby old fart!

Raising Miro is the complete opposite of the crabby old fart. It’s a blog written my mother and (12 yr old) son travelling the world. It talks of how amazing family is, how mothers and young people alike don’t always have to conform to the norm. It’s a truly inspirational blog with great stories from around the world.

Other blogs to check out include Par-al-lel-e-vi-sion is you love TV or script writing, Fluent in 3 Months if you want to learn a language and fast(!!) Also check out the great travel blog Bacon is Magic…why? Because everyone loves a bit of Bacon! Oh and if you want to work on a cruise ship or your love couchsurfing or enjoy comedy and hilarious Microsoft paint drawings..check out Cruisesurfingz!! Roy is the best, every one of his blog posts is either informative or HIGHLY entertaining!!



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