Oh Paris, Je t’aime!

As much as I wish my time in Paris had been similar to that of Owen Wilson’s character in the movie Midnight in Paris; jumping back in time, meeting Pablo Picasso and having deep and meaningful discussions withErnest Hemingway, I still enjoyed my late night strolls, mouth watering food and the general mood that paris emulates…That feeling that you are in a a dream, or that you have landed in one of the most special cities in the world at the most magical time.

Paris, Je t’aime!

Paris was actually just a stop-off on my way to the wedding of the decade. A wedding between two of the most fun, most adorable, most loving of couples. It was my first ever couchsurfing wedding and they were the first of all my friends to get married. It was an amazing opportunity to bring together friends from around the world from as far a field as Mexico, Bali, Australia and the U S of A!

Paris was just a stepping stone along the way. A chance to meet old friends and explore the city of my dreams with my favorite Mexican in the world, Sarita. A stepping stone it may have been but it was every bit as enchanting and bewitching as you would imagine the city of love to be.


6 thoughts on “Oh Paris, Je t’aime!

  1. Hello — just took a quick wander around your blog, and of course the about me section — and wow, you’re my hero ! You go girl 🙂 Will see you back here, and on the blogosphere soon. L

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