Le Mont St M…Flying Pigs

Le Mont St Michel in North West France is a truly special place. Just looking at it from afar is spectacular; that vivid image of the centuries old Monastery, built atop of a rugged rock, can be seen from afar. Surrounded by beautiful blue tidal waters, and fields of sheep grazing unnaturally green fields. I could have sat perched on those great walls, gazing down at all there was to see, and basking in the late summer sun for hours.

Taking ALL this into account, one thing really puzzled me on my visit to this ancient UNESCO World heritage site. Why, oh WHY do they feel the need to Photoshop sunbathing cats and flying pigs lazing in the sun in front of this masterpiece?! That’s right, as we wandered up the narrow, cobblestone streets, we were confronted with shop after shop, rack after rack, shelf after shelf of cheesy, tacky, photoshopped pictures of ridiculous things in front of the ever stunning backdrop of Le Mont St Michel. There is no need. NO NEED.

Anyway enough moaning…here are some snaps of our a short but sweet visit.

Le Mont St Michel from a distance
Getting closer... such a striking image
Le Mont St Michel
Beware of the tides or your car will be washed away!!!
Classic Jumping pic (Mark, Sara and Dimitri)
Some funky sand worms
Searching for Seagulls
Dimitri's idea for an award-winning postcard!!

6 thoughts on “Le Mont St M…Flying Pigs

  1. Like the sign! It’s kinda French in its existential non-meaning, or something like that. I mean, if it’s today, then when do you leave… and by the time you see it, isn’t it too late?etc OK, I shouldn’t bother trying to make sense of these signs, but always fun to try.

  2. I actually don’t understand the signs either. It is well and good if high tide is in the evening so everyone leaves before 6pm or whatever but im unsure how they do things if high tide is in the morning or afternoon…there must be very little parking then!

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