What would you do if Kidnapped?

You’re driving through a remote, desert area in Sudan when suddenly you hear gunfire. Bullets and mortars seem to be exploding in every direction. You can’t see ahead of you and have no idea if you are a target or simply caught in a crossfire. What do you do??

Well there is a whole long list of things you must do. All of which I learned in class today. I also learned what to do if I’m Kidnapped. That’s right, as part of our Masters course we had Brian Casey from the Irish NGO “Goal” lecturing us on security polices and management.  This included an exercise on what we should do, or how we should act, if kidnapped. It also included things such as the hiring of security guards, planning to traverse extremely hostile and dangerous territory and what to do if caught in crossfire.

And people say lectures are boring!

Whilst all of the above kept the class captivated and firmly glued to our seats for 3.5 hours with no break (!!!), for me the most interesting lesson was what to do if kidnapped. It’s something I have never thought much of before but frightens me a lot. It made me realize how dangerous working in the Aid  sector can be. Can you imagine ever been kidnapped and how scary it would be? Been taken to a remote hideout, your family and friends having no idea where you are or if you’re still alive. Held captive with armed guards or captors who don’t speak your language. It would be both physically and mentally devastating.

I guess as with all difficult challenges life throws at us,

“Without Risk, There can be no Reward.” 


4 thoughts on “What would you do if Kidnapped?

  1. Glad you’re learning about this! I’m not a total chicken when it comes to traveling, but once thought about jumping out of a tuk-tuk ride in India . . . Too long and really not interesting enough of a story, but obviously all’s fine. Still, I vote for calling Chuck Norris (or maybe a younger stronger version)

    1. Its a pretty cool course alright! Yeah I have had scary travel experiences before…mainly when hitching…wanted to jump out so many times but always worked out ok in the end!

  2. Have actually been flat-on-the-ground beneath gunfire. Not fun. But being kidnapped never occurred to me at the time, even though I’d heard horror stories about it in surrounding countries. I can tell you this: when you are as inexperienced as I was at that time, there’s a sort of invincible shield called ignorance which protects you from the degree of fear you truly should have. I remember thinking, “Well, I can’t die. I’m not done yet. I still have so much to do. This can’t be the end. No way.” And I truly believed it. So deeply that it really didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t make it out. Of course, in retrospect, I now shiver & quake in the more mature realization of what could have been. But I regret nothing. Life is for living, which includes all consequences.

    And, btw – in certain circumstances – ignorance truly is bliss!

    1. Wow, can’t believe you had to go through that. Sounds awful. I thankfully have never had to deal with such circumstances and dread the day I do. I guess I hope I will be able to deal with the situation better than I would have a few years ago. Then again, as you say, Ignorance is bliss!

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