Afghanistan; more than meets the eye

When you think of Afghanistan, what comes to mind? American troops, explosions, mass exodus of people seeking refuge , fear and terror. It is a country we have heard SO MUCH about and yet know SO LITTLE about. What is Afghanistan REALLY like? 

Our Health lecturer in class today was going through pictures of his trip there a few weeks ago, where he was sent to evaluate Water and Sanitation Hygiene in the mountainous North Eastern districts. In between photos of latrines (both inside!!! and out) and methods of hygiene promotion, were striking images of the Afghan landscape that blew me away. Snow capped peaks, vast rolling green hills, smiling locals going about their everyday lives.

One inquisitive class member enquired about a photo of some men in turbans,

“Were they Taliban?”,

to which our lecturer laughed, and snorted as he always does (it’s endearing really!) and reassured us that,

“No, they are just ordinary villagers”.

 Villages whom he had consulted with over hygiene levels within their community. You see, basic measures to prevent against the spread of disease, such as washing hands can be difficult in a community where there is little to no access of running water.

Anyway, I came home from college only to come across this stunningly beautiful video of the Wonder that is Afghanistan on a friends facebook page and thought I simply had to share! Enjoy!

Click to watch video of “Beautiful Afghanistan”


5 thoughts on “Afghanistan; more than meets the eye

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video! I spent many months in Afghanistan and I can attest to its beauty. It’s so sad that only the most negative aspects make headlines and color the entire country with the same brushstroke.

    1. You’re very welcome, it really is beautifully shot. Wow, that’s amazing that you were there for a few months! You rarely meet people these days who can attest to the beauty of this country as so few people have been there. 🙂

      1. I know, selective news reports have rendered the entire country as “dangerous,” which is a shame because, really, there are so many more aspects of Afghanistan that are never mentioned. Like the people, who are just incredibly resilient, open-hearted and talented. You should see the street skaters there – whoa! Talk about dexterity. And the artistic work there will stop your heart. And believe it or not, the shopping there is unreal. Whenever I wear something in the states that I bought in Afghanistan, everyone inquires about it, or offers to buy it right off me! Their skill with scarves, jewelry, caps, belt buckles…you name it, their talent will create it in the most unique ways with the most unique materials ever.

        Here’s one of my favorite memories of Afghanistan. It’s just a peek at how much alike we all are no matter where in the world we come from!
        Sweet Memory of Afghanistan

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