Recreating Memories

“That swimming pool better be gone be the time I come home this evening”, were my moms harsh, final words, directed at My Dad, My Sister and I, as she closed the front door behind her.

14 small words that came together to have catastrophic meaning.

The “swimming pool” we had cajoled our Dad into spending the WHOLE weekend digging, clearing lining with plastic sheeting, filling with water and bottles of bubble bath… the “swimming pool” we had dreamed of having for years and had finally succeeded in acquiring, was to be no more!

I was reminded of this great child hood memory this morning when my Dad emailed me the only photographic evidence we have of its short lived existence, ah the dream that wasn’t meant to be.

Our 1 day swimming pool

It’s funny how this all happened day after I discovered an awesome photo project by Argentinian Photographer Irina Werning. The project, entitled “Back to The Future” is about recreating old photographs 20 years on, using the exact same person in the exact same clothes in the exact same position (Click to view photos)

I think it’s a magical idea and would love to try recreate some childhood memories of my own some day. For now, this is the best I can do. My first day of school and my last day of college, almost 20 years on.

First day of school, Last Day of College


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