Racist Woman on Tube

After just watching this TRULY DISTURBING video on YouTube, which was secretly filmed on the tube in London, I am left feeling both angry and sad at the world. The video is of a young English woman with her son on her lap screaming at the other commuters telling them to get out of her country and to go home where they came from, among other expletives.  The woman in question is clearly uneducated, racist and, judging by the way she keeps chewing her lip, could well be high on drugs. The fact that she goes off on such a tirade in front of her young child is even more shocking. An absolute disgrace.

How can a woman in this day in age think it is acceptable to say such awful, hurtful things? She should be eternally ashamed of herself. 

Polish, Jamaican, Nigerian, Indian…who cares?! We are all the same on the inside.

 We are not born hating others, that is something we learn to do as we get older. It is a sad world in which we live when the reality is that we often learn to hate before learn to love.


17 thoughts on “Racist Woman on Tube

  1. I don’t know where you hail from, but as you probably know here in America, racism is still a problem. Yes, even in this post-Martin Luther King Jr. day. The only thing is it’s aimed at African Americans less frequently because they have powerful activist groups. The disturbing trend however, is that it’s almost considered socially acceptable to be racist toward Mexicans and people of Islamic faith. Why? Mexicans are taking American jobs and the people that attacked the Twin Towers were Islamic extremists.

    My point about Mexicans: Let’s face it, they’re jobs Americans don’t want to do anyway. Also, I feel that to a certain extent, particularly during the time George Bush was president, what Muslims were to America were what Jews were to Nazi Germany: just someone to be a target for irrational anger.

    Ironically however, I find that some of the worst racists actually are minorities themselves. I’m an Indian American (as in from India) and I’m the sole non-white person at my workplace, but bias has been a total non-issue. However at my university and in my high school, there are a lot of East Asians, and it’s from them I’m most likely to hear racist remarks against Indians.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your own personal experience. I’m from Ireland and it’s a big problem here too. (The video is from England by the way). There was a film released recently called Th Guard in which the main character says, and I quote, “Sure I’m from Ireland, Racism is a part of my culture”. The fact that this was even allowed to be used in the movie was appalling in my opinion and I most certainly don’t agree with such a ridiculous statement.However, as with the many facebook pages that have sprung up under this quote, I fear many Irish people may not see things the way I do.

  2. This is a topic I can talk about at length, but I think would be more appropriate to do through e-mail. Is it ok if I do so? If so, what address would you prefer I send it to?

  3. Sometimes you just experience so much misfortune that you need someone to blame. Sadly this often fall on things, objects and people who are alien to us or not part of the tribe. I think it is impressive we have moved so far to start understanding this, but understandable that we still face it as well.

    1. I guess I don’t find it impressive that we have taken so long to ‘understand this’. and strongly feel we could be doing a lot more! I do agree with you that maybe she has dealt with much misfortune in life as most bullies are known to have been bullied themselves…can’t decide with an angry and her ignorance or if I pity her.

    1. I know,it’s such a horrific rant..everything she says angers me! I don’t know how that young guy sitting behind her managing to keep his calm!

    1. I know I really feel so sorry for the child, the effects of having such a verbally violent mother mother would be frightening.

  4. Fortunately, the woman is to be prosecuted under England’s race hate laws. There are racists everywhere (as well as homophobes, misogynists, etc). If she is found guilty her care for her child will be monitored. This is the right course of action.

    1. Yes, saw the update on the news. I pray her child will be taken care of and brought up without such vile and racist and abusive language…which is a far cry from the ideal environment to raise a young boy.

  5. Hi, just perusing your material. Very interesting stuff. I won’t seriously question your deletion of the racist mother/baby but it might have been instructive. I have some friends, the husb of one being rabidly anti-“brown wave” whose incessant cant caused one of his girls to be in a relationship with a fine young man of color at Georgetown U. (Law of unintended consequences.)
    Good work. I’m traveled in NZ, Portugal, Brazil, and Central America (backpacker). Thanks for liking my site and Cheers!

    1. Hi Carlos! I did not film the video myself, I just saw it on the news, so im guessing the person who saw this incident removed it for the women and the child’s own protection. The video went viral all over the world which must have caused serious safety issues for the women and even her family.

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