Kim Jong il Dead

Breaking news from the BBC (HERE) has just announced that Kim Jong Il,69, the ruthless dictator of North Korea has died. He is reported to have passed away while travelling on a train earlier today.

I wonder how this monumental event will affect relations between North and South Korea considering reports this morning say that the military have been put on high alert after news of his death was announced. With over 1.7 million troops from the two Koreas and the US army already squaring off every day, this event threatens to be a dangerous one.

Kim Jong Ils third son, Kim jong Un, who was made a high ranking general earlier this year, is thought to be his successor. But will he rule with same ruthlessness and skill as his now deceased father? Or will this event finally allow for access,and in time recovery, of this secluded and severely damaged nation? 

Only time will tell.

Kim Jong Il, who died today aged 69

9 thoughts on “Kim Jong il Dead

    1. I think that is the BIG question on everyones mind right now. Will this allow the North to recover? Will there now be mourning or riots? Will the conflict be internal within North Korea or between North and South again, which could cause further devastation. Up until july, I was living only 20 minutes from the North Korean Border…boy am I glad to be back in Ireland right now!!

  1. Remember what happened in Soviet Russia when Stalin died? Everyone who shared very close political allegiances to Stalin defected and Russia is now thriving.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to happen in North Korea. Kim Jong Il inherited power after his father, Kim Il Sung died in 1994. I think his son Kim Jong Un will probably take control now.

    Maybe one day the people of North Korea will be given their change for freedom?

    1. Hmmm yea but as Kim Jong Un is only is his 20s, many doubt if he has the ability to run the country…while others doubt if he is crazy enough to do so?! It will an interesting few days,weeks, months to see how this situation evolves. I do believe there is a big chance of internal conflict and pray god some sort of uprising that will help lay the path to freedom.

  2. Eventually, I suspect, North Korea will implode, particularly when China finally decides to pull the plug. Let’s hope the end game won’t be violent and won’t spill over into the South

    1. From living in South Korea for the last year it will be interesting to see if the 2 countries will ever, in my lifetime anyway, seek to reunite. Ahh one can dream….

  3. The country is locked down – at least until the official period of morning is finished. The period of morning for the father was 90 days – this will not be that long. I had the impression that everyone thought Kim Jong-il was a bit of a joke, I think for the most part the tears are fake, no one there in their right mind would want to be the one caught not crying. Lets hope this all moves on peacefully!

    And if you don’t mind – since you have other people commenting here – let me pass on my link to the first podcast ever to be recorded inside North Korea – we recorded it in Aug, but finally just got it produced.

    1. Hi Joseph,
      Thanks for your comment and great contribution to the discussion….its great to have insider knowledge from someone actually currently living in North Korea! I saw many videos on youtube of all the mass hysteria and crying and was trying to work out if the tears were genuine, as I know in Asian countries they like to mourn quite loudly as a mark of respect, or was it simply they had to ‘be seen’ to be upset!
      Thanks for sharing!

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