Dear Diary- Hello Kenya

This is the start of a new series of posts that I am going to copy word for word from an old travel diary I found in my bedroom. Reading back I was not the most sensitive person and my creative writing could have done with some (a lot) of tweaking!! But hopefully you will enjoy the naive honesty of a 20 years old backpacker with big dreams!

Dear Diary,

WOW. It’s hard to believe I’m actually here in Kenya. In Africa. Only a few hours on a plane and one enters a completely different world. After the hectic experience of Heathrow airport and nearly getting lost, Nairobi Jomo Kenyetta was a breeze. All those stories of muggings and hawkers, crooked airport staff and pushy taxi drivers seems to be a myth. Or else we just got lucky.

Father Tom from St Patrick’s Missions picked us up at the airport and we were given a second breakfast before been whizzed down town by Joseph, their driver, to sort out our bus tickets to Kitale the next day. Passing by hawkers selling everything from Mangos to puppies, children begging in traffic, a foot-less leper on the roadside. From the lush suburbs inhabited by rich diplomats from around the world and foreign aid organizations and missionary compounds to the slums, an endless menage of aluminium shacks, make shift hairdressers, sweet shops, shoe shiners, car washers, wood cutters. People cleaning themselves alongside the road in ditches full of thick brown, muddy water. It was all so overwhelming for our fist day in Kenya.

We were given a huge lunch and dinner best food ever; potatoes,kidney beans, soup, bread, pizza, porridge.

We have been laughed at many times today by the other priests and local at any mention of ‘Lodwar’, the place we are going to teach. “Bring sunscreen” one said with a laugh. I guess they know best, they have lived here for 9 years!

Welcome to Kenya!

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary- Hello Kenya

  1. I look forward to reading your old travel diaries. I envy you your experiences. I’m twice your age and haven’t been anywhere really except in the U.S. I was born in Paris, but my family moved back to America when I was a wee’un. I did drive across the States when I was in my late Thirties. That was truly amazing. America is so vast. Next time I plan to take a different route. My dream is to visit all 50 states. Hawaii has been the most beautiful to date. I went there for my 40th birthday. I guess Alaska should be on tap for my 50th, if I should live to see it. LOL Sorry for the long reply!

    1. Hey!
      Thank you for the long reply- I love long comments! Going to all 50 states would be pretty amazing in my opinion…I have only been to 2 US states…28 to go for me haha. Not sure if that will ever happen! I was so happy to find my old diary…the first few entries are pretty tame but as I read on it gets PRETTY HILARIOUS…the stuff that goes on, the things that are said, emotions running high. Should make for nice, easy reading! Go to ALaska for sure…I have heard endless good tales of adventure from there! 😀

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