Dear Diary- Bye Bye Nairobi

Dear Diary,

Got the 8.30am bus to Kitale today. It’s hard to believe how far the 3 of us have come..from Cork, Cavan and Roscommon all the way to Nairobi and then to Kitale, finally we are en route to our final destination.

The scenery we passed today meant no sleeping would be had. It was spectacular! The change from city bustle to country life happened fast. Mud huts, red clay roads and potholes…many, many potholes! So primitive…it’s hard to believe we are actually here and that so many people live in such remote environs. The presence of schools is apparent no matter what. No matter how tiny or remote the village, schools are to be seen everywhere. Schools and Celtel! (The mobile phone network!!)

We passed through the great rift valley– 800 feet high looking down on a vast depression- a feature one reads about while studying Leaving Cert Geography but never expects to witness first hand. It’s expanse vastness- words cannot describe our excitement and the kenyan locals on the bus thought we were crazy getting excited about ‘a depression’!

Next was Lake Esmertiata where all that could be seen was hundreds of pink blotches which turned out to be…FLAMINGOS… thousands of them! Beautiful, pink flamingos covering the entire lake-what a sight!

6 hours later and 2 toilet stops, we crossed the equator. Just like that! Imagine! Northern hemisphere one moment, southern hemisphere the next! A dream come true, a true life ambition. The equator, another far away place, a geography term to be learn off and understood, a line on the map, suddenly a reality! Living the dream!

10 hours on a stuffy, smelly bus, and a bursting bladder…but well worth it for the journey of a lifetime!

Hello Kitale!

6 thoughts on “Dear Diary- Bye Bye Nairobi

    1. It was such an amazing feeling, in fact every time I crossed it I think I was just as excited as the first time! Something magical or powerful about been able to straddle the equator and be ‘in 2 places at once’!

    1. Thanks for your comment…I will be posting all the other diary entries over the next few days…the adventure gets wilder by the day! I hope you will keep reading! Janet

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