Dear Diary – New Friends

Dear Diary,

We met Brother Paul today from the USA. He invited us up to Kakuma some day to visit the UN refugee camp, with over 86,000 refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia and The Sudan. These kinds of things are suddenly becoming a reality. You hear about them and see them on the News back home but never imagine you will actually step foot in them in real life. 

Paul and Bosco (2 local boys) chatted to us for over an hour in the compound. They are so full of stories about flying places with the bishop, and doing this for the bishop and that for the bishop. Not entirely sure how much of it is true, but they are entertaining none the less!

 We headed up to St Kevins, the school where we will be teaching later in the morning. They have a lot of facilities such as a science lab and computers – way more than in the school in South Africa which is strange. Classes have around 50 kids so half the size of my classes in South Africa. We will each only have 6 classes which isn’t very much..not sure what we will do for the rest of the day!

We met the headmaster, Father Louis, a rather abrupt, fiery guy. He was wearing just shorts and a t-shirt…not your typical school headmaster! Later we hopped into the backie and drove to Johns house, quite far out-of-town in a local village. He has a really lovely set up. We got home at 1 o Clock so had the whole day to relax.

We met a lovely Malaysian Nun in the guest house at dinner. She is living in a compound near the refugee camp in Kakuma. They have been broken into 4 times!! Men with guns and knives came and stole all the donations from the USA for local children and even all their clothes!! Who would rob from a Nun?! Madness.

I still cannot actually believe where I am living! Went into town a few times yesterday. There is such a great atmosphere. Everywhere, people selling and cooking, Turkana herding goats through the town, naked men sitting on the rubbish dump, children playing with old tyres or balls made from plastic bags. Everyone looking at us and shouting ‘Hello, How are you FINE, How are you FINE’ as if it is all one word!! All the elderly ladies sit around weaving traditional baskets while all the men, young and old, sit on upside down beer crates chewing tobacco and listening to booming congolese tunes. I feel like I’m living in a parallel Universe.


6 thoughts on “Dear Diary – New Friends

    1. haha I’m happy you find it inspiring…that’s pretty much the idea-I would love to inspire others to get out there and have their own adventures…or for others to just share in my adventures through the power of written word! 🙂

  1. Hi Janet, thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I understand what you mean by living in a parallel universe. I have just returned from living in Ghana from twelve months – sometimes there are just no words to describe the roller coaster ride of living in Africa.
    Enjoy and I look forward to following your travels. 🙂

    1. Totally agree with you- I have made 4 trips to Africa now and it keeps on amazing and surprising me! I have never been to Ghana or West Africa but it is at the top of my list once I graduate from my Masters! 🙂

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m so glad you did because that’s how I found you… What an interesting life you are leading! As a former teacher reading that you have “only 50 students” makes me marvel at how everything really is relative!

    1. haha yea it’s funny how 50 used to be a lot but after teaching Business Studies to a class of 98 in South Africa, 50 seems like a walk in the park! I taught English in South Korea last year and my biggest class had 11 people…now that wasa challenge haha. 🙂

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