Dear Diary- Marriage Proposal(s) !!

Dear Diary,

I’ve been too lazy to write the last few days. I get caught up in the moment as it is all so laid back in this part of the world. Sitting on our little porch, gazing up at the starry sky, listening to an old Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Cassette(Cd’s have not found their way to this part of Kenya yet, it would seem) and watching the world go by. The temperature at night-time is heavenly and makes it so easy to pass the hours away gazing out on the dark desert, watching kids play in the sand, listening to goats farting(!!)…not a worry in the world.

The World Cup has started…it’s madness how Soccer truly is like an international language. The whole school sat in the hall to watch the match, even the traditionally dressed Turkana women were in on the action peeking in the windows of Lodwars bars, watching the TVs perched high on dusty stands, with crazy aerials sticking out from all sides of everywhere!

Oh the post office ran out of internet. “No you don’t understand, they RAN OUT of internet“, Beth said with a laugh. I mean REALLY? How do you ‘run out’ of internet?! We are going to dinner with 2 of the Fathers tonight in a hotel run by the Woman’s Centre….we had to order our food LAST night so it will be ready for tonight! Pretty funny…extreme advance ordering! I guess they only buy what’s needed on a daily basis.

The Nuns were telling us really scary stories about all the crazy things that go on here. They told us about the time they were shot at driving from Kitale to Lodwar, but had a lucky escape. It seems everyone carries guns here so idly, AK47s, huge rifles and Kalashnikov’s just hanging casually over someones shoulder is a pretty regular sight in Lodwar. Stories of hold ups in the bank, robberies and shootings seem to be so common to the Sisters that they simply laugh them off, saying, ‘That’s life’. They said they have given up telling people at home about the happenings here, the randomness and the harsh realities as people just don’t believe them.

I know just what they mean. As we were strolling home last night,taking a short cut across the sandy runway, looking up at the milky way, that lights up the path home, you have to take a minute to stop and pinch yourself. Is this real? The distant echo of a tribal full moon party rituals in the local village, sounds of screeching women, laughing and joyous songs right into the early hours of the morning. The same village we visited earlier today where we got swamped by over 200 kids. Totally surrounded and the only thing we could think to do to entertain 200 kids at once…THE HOKEY POKEY!! Imagine the sight; a poverty-stricken Turkana village in the dusty Northern Desert, traditionally dressed women adorned in beads and tartan wraps, watching cautiously as 3 strange ‘Mzungos’ (foreigner white people) knee-deep in sand and sweating from the hot African sun, we gathered their 200 plus offspring into a giant circle and proceeded to ‘do the hokey pokey’! An unforgettable moment.

OH! Beth got another marriage proposal at school today….I wonder how many we will each have after 6 weeks here?! One of her younger male students wouldn’t mind an older, western wife it would appear. I think we are all totally in love with Lodwar.


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary- Marriage Proposal(s) !!

  1. Amazing, simply amazing. You have led an adventuresome life indeed! I’d be so scared if I were in that situation. When people are “casually” toting kalishnakovs and ak47s around, that is when I exit left. LOL :O

    1. It’s funny, I think much of the time in Africa everything is so different and interesting and inspiring that you fail to see the scary side of anything. Then you arrive home, re-read your old diary entries and think you might have a few screw loose haha. Wit til you head about our crazy hitch-hiking adventure and fighting crocodiles in lake turkana…coming soon! 🙂

  2. I have the greatest admiration for those who work tirelessly, in trying and dangerous circumstances, to help those most in need. It’s humbling. To find humour in desperate times is inspiring.

    1. It is strange, but we laughed about so many disastrous situations as often it seemed like the only way to get through the day, the week, the month. We tried to find the positive side of the negative days…even a bad day can be considered good because we knew it would make for an interesting story once we got back home to Ireland.
      With regards to helping people….everyone should do it! It is so rewarding working in countries like Kenya and they always have such a big impression on me I wouldn’t be surprised if my students actually helped me more than I helped them!

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