Bungee cord snaps at Victoria Falls

Okay I just saw a video on the RTE News that made me catch my breath, and not in a good way. The exact bungee jumping experience I blogged about a few days ago, the Victoria Falls Bungee on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, caused mayhem today when the cord snapped and an aussie girl plunged into the crocodile infested waters below. She had to try to swim to safety with her legs tied together with the bungee cord. Thankfully she’s alive, but what an awful experience.

This video is seriously scary stuff. Read my personal experience HERE.


17 thoughts on “Bungee cord snaps at Victoria Falls

  1. Good lord! I am afraid to “jump” out of bed for fear of what the day may bring. This daredevil stuff is like those insane rides at the carnival . The only ride I take is the one in the car to and from the carnival. Hey, you can’t eat corn on the cob and cotton candy and philly subs and ice cream and try to win a teddy bear if you’re dead.

    1. Well after watching that clip I might have to join my mum on the lame tea cups ride from now on. That girl seriously had a lucky escape. If it had been someone wo couldn’t swim well they could have been in big trouble!

  2. I would have died of a heart attack before I hit the water. She is a survivor. Did I see some big croc’s moving in her direction? Thank god she survived. You did this. I admire your courage. I’ve always thought about bungee jumping but seeing a video like this makes me think twice. They should keep someone down there in a small boat as a safety measure.

    1. Yea the bungee jumps in New Zealand have boats in the river as a precaution but maybe its not as easy in Zambia due to the rapids etc. Usually at this bungee they send a guy down to hoist you back up onto the bridge after the bungee, in comparison to other places where they lower you into a boat in the river below, so I guess it isn’t possible to have a boat there…

  3. I saw this on the news last night and I was amazed. Also, I’ve stood at that point on the Zambezi, but I wasn’t tempted to bungee jump.

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