So last weekend I organized a FREE HUGS day in Dublin. About 10 or more couchsurfers showed up, and despite the cold wind, we had a fantastic few hours hugging randomers….I must have hugged over 200 people!

Free Hugs is a funny thing. At the start, people are nervous, or scared or embarrassed. But once you get or give your first few hugs, you start smiling more, become relaxed and really open up to everyone that passes, without discrimination, as hugs and people come in all shapes and sizes!

Little kids would walk up to me shyly, and give me a timid hug. Teenagers would run at me at and leap or jump into my arms. Some would swing me around. A drunk, and perhaps homeless woman, hugged me and kissed my FREE HUGS sign, then said ‘God Bless’. Another man gave me a bear hug so strong it nearly squashed me. One lady was quite upset and thanked me saying she had just got bad news and that the hug really brightened up her day. One guy asked me to virtually hug his friend..on the phone! Some groups would ask for a group hug, then run away giggling while others would embrace you and you could really feel the goodness of the hug. Some asked for a kiss, and were politely declined! So yea, hugs and people come in all shaped and sizes!

A truly wonderful, and free, day in Dublin!


19 thoughts on “FREE HUGS DUBLIN

    1. Aww you should totally come back Marion! How old are you now, maybe this time we can go drinking together instead of the student teacher thing haha! 😀

  1. This is so awesome Janet!! 🙂 I will have to do this someday 🙂
    Also, I noticed everyone is totally rugged up and you’re in just a jumper.. Crazy woman! I’d be frozen :/

    1. Ha! I have thick blood and never get cold which is why I do stupid things like go swimming in a sant suit christmas eve haha. You have aussie blood..not sure u would survive an irish winter haha! 😀

  2. The idea sounded a little crazy at first but when I read through and imagined what such a gesture could mean to a lonely person, I could not help but marvel at how great it could be.
    I must confess I really feel like receiving a hug myself… could really do with one at the moment.
    Congrats for coming up with such a great way to get to people – both known and unknown!

    1. Hey Kingsley!
      Yeah it is a bit crazy, and certainly not for everyone! But I think in general most people love getting hugs but are often too scared or have nobody close to ask for one. It was really great putting a smily on SO many peoples faces, and going home tired but possibly with the biggest smile of all! 😀

    1. Yea quite a lot of people, mainly the young teenagers who thought it was great and then the odd man or woman would give each of us hug with a big smile! 😀

    1. haha yea I think it started with just one man in Australia and spread all over the world..I have done it in detroit, Toronto, Edinburgh, Sydney and Seoul!!

    1. Well Andreas, Free Hugs isnt for everybody. We only hug people that want to be hugged, you would be safe at a distance haha

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