Temple Bar Trad Festival

I went out to meet a Spanish friend for lunch yesterday and ended up staying out til past midnight, thanks to all the free TradFest events in Temple Bar. I met up with a load of awesome couchsurfers and spent hours walking around from pub to pub listening to all the great traditional Irish music and even had a free Irish dancing lesson in The Arlington Hotel!

We drank, we danced on the street, we danced in the rain, we laughed, and I guess we all made some new friends!


Here is a little video I made of our Sunday Session! Yeehaaaaw!


4 thoughts on “Temple Bar Trad Festival

  1. You seem to capture the craic wherever you go. Pity the weather was so bad.
    Spent my weekend writing stuff for the new and improved website, which is not my forte.
    Neither is getting our new Charity shop in Smithfield, but spent Saturday scrubbing the floors!! Most people seem to think that on my knees is appropriate.

    The invitation:

    Hello All,

    Well, Well, Well, the Wells for Zoe, Charity Shop is finally ready (almost!!)

    We have planned a quiet launch for Wednesday, February 1.
    (the noisy one will come later!)

    From 6 pm onwards there will be a little get together of volunteers and friends of W4Z, in Smithfield (72-75 Queen St) opposite Haymarket Square.

    You are invited to come along for a chat and maybe some other bits of liquids and solids, but don’t fast all day!!.

    The shop will then open for business on Saturday next February 4.

    Mary and John

    1. Aww best of luck with the new charity shop, I’ll be sure to spread the word to my friends! I would have loved to have gone but im now living on Holland…I made a last minute decision to transfer to University of Groningen so will be here until July!

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