The Dutch and Ice Skating

I would have to be living under a rock not to realize how much the Dutch LOVE their Ice-Skating. I always knew they were fond of their bikes, and after interviewing adventurer Jasper Winn a few years ago, and a few locals here in Groningen, I discovered they are also fond of roller blading but ice-skating was never something I associated with the Dutch!

Yesterday along side all the happy skaters gliding down the frozen canals, whizzing past house boats, speed boats and tall ships, I saw a site to behold! There were groups of people everywhere having BBQs in the middle of the canal. Sitting around on plastic chairs or even some with sofas, sipping ice cold beers while keeping warm next to a roaring fire…all on the ice! It was pretty mental! 

Sadly, with temperatures slowly rising and rain falling in place of snow, I’m guessing all the fun and games will soon come to an end! Then we have spring to look forward to and spring in Holland is going to be a tulip-filled heaven!



14 thoughts on “The Dutch and Ice Skating

  1. I worry how climate change will effect the nation of the Netherlands. Will half of their country be inundated by water? Will they be able to build even bigger and stronger dams to fight back the ocean? I’m a worry wort, in case you haven’t noticed. But there are few people I admire more than the Dutch. I hope that we can stop climate change before too much damage is done to the coastal regions of the world from New York City to Venice to Hong Kong. These places are in danger of inundation! On that cheery note, I look forward to seeing your photographs of Springtime in the Netherlands! 🙂

    1. I hear ya. Climate Change is a worry and Holland is sure to be in trouble in later years. It such a flat country it’s unreal…literally no hills anywhere! I think these harsh cold winters are already having huge negative affects all over Europe- Holland seems to be the only country that cheers when everything ices over!

      1. Have you heard about the big bubble of fresh water in the arctic that is getting ready to spill into the North Atlantic. It may cause Europe to have harsh winters for years to come. I think the Alps welcome the harsh winters too.

  2. I’m right there with you, Mr. D’Agostino, Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates is magical! I hope it isn’t just our generation! Love iceskating! Even though I’m from Virginia, USA, I learned how to skate on ponds. What a great travel idea – go to Holland in the winter just to skate up the canals! Georgeous picture! May I use your picture on my blog? Let me know if it isn’t OK.

    1. Hey! Yes ice skating could well be a new tourist attraction for Holland if these cold winters continue! I didn’t actually take the photo, a friend posted it on facebook and I fell in love with it and thought it perfect for this post! 🙂

    1. Yes- different lens are good for different shots but at the moment im trying out my GoPro as much as possible (which has a fish eye lens) to see what kinda of funky shots it can produce! 🙂

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