Birds eye view

Today I climbed the 260 steps to the top of the Martini Tower in the centre of Groningen and took these birds eye view photos of the city, the church and the beautiful skyline. My original plan was to go to the cinema this afternoon but I think being a tourist and climbing the martinikerk was a MUCH more rewarding adventure! My only regret is not climbing it last week when everything was covered in glistening white snow! Oh well….

Welcome...spooky doors!
The winding staircase to the top
Don't forget to look UP!
The long walk up!
What a view!
View of the Park
View from the tower top
Grote Markt Square
View of the Church roof
Everything was a little!
Inside the Clock Tower
Love the sunlight pouring through this window/clock
A sun-dial obscuring the sunlight! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Birds eye view

  1. A lovely series of shots from the tower. i especially like the view up the staircase and the composition of the view of the church roof. Yes, it must have all looked very different during the snow.

  2. Love the scenery, different (off the beaten track), clock, red door, mossy green stone and black fencing, great colors and conrasts! You live and learn. I have missed the snow too before, I was up and out when there was enought light (it had already started to melt during the night) in only two hours, half of it was gone! Like Groningen by the next day you almost didn’t know it had snowed! You got some great shots anyway. You’ll be ready the next time. Wonderful costumes! The Dutch costumes are very sophisticated, contemporary and colorful, yours was very artful, job well done, I’d give you a 9 or 10! You and your friends looked like you were having such a good time! Dressing up is so much fun.

    1. Hey, Thanks for the lovely comments! I love all the colours too..they make for interesting pics!

      You’re right, dressing up is so much fun. I love it so much, any excuse to dress up and I’m there! haha 🙂

    1. Hey Russell…I admire you too, in fact I love your daily photos so much I hope some day I can do something similar, such a great idea! 🙂

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