Adventure Dilemma

I’m in a dilemma and I need your help!

I found out about, what sounds to me, as the most awesome weekend adventure of all time. Seriously I would sell an arm AND a leg to go to this. (Okay maybe *slight* exaggeration, let’s say just an arm).

A crazy group of people in Switzerland are building a Jacuzzi for 1 night only high up in the snowy mountains near Lake Tanay, close to Geneva, and I want to join in their crazy expedition. The problem? Well, there are THREE!

1. I live in Groningen in the VERY North of Holland about 11 hours drive or more from lovely Geneva. THAT is a problemo grande!

2. The other slight, minor problem? I have lectures on Friday until 1pm and again on Monday at 10am so would have to get there and back within this very tight timeframe.

3. I’m a poor student who can’t afford expensive flights. (Cheap Ryanair ones? YES. But sadly Ryanair and Switzerland don’t appear to be too buddy buddy just yet!) So I need some innovative, wonderfully awesome other mode of transport!


This could be ME!
This could also be ME!
Filling her up!
These could be my new, crazy friends!
Run you crazy girl RUN!
Looks so awesome!
I would SO do this!! A nice wake up call!

24 thoughts on “Adventure Dilemma

  1. You can leave Groningen by train on Friday at 1446 and you will be in Geneva at 0650 on Saturday morning. You have to change 5 times though, in Utrecht, Frankfurt, Basel, Olten and Bern.

    If you want to be back in Groningen on Monday at 0908, you will have to leave Geneva by train at 1714 on Sunday. With 5 changes again, this time in Basel, Frankfurt, MΓΌnster, leer and Winschoten.

    This will give you 34 hours to got to the lake from Geneva and take a bath. Doable.

    If the lake is “Taney” instead of “Tanay”, it might be easier for you to get off at Lausanne instead of Geneva. It’s on the same train connection.

    Now, if you don’t do it, all my research has been in vain. And we don’t want that. So get going!

    1. haha you absolute legend! What websites did you use? Need to look at it!! Sounds great. My mate of facebook suggested I fly with ryanair from amsterdam to Milan bergamo (only 70 euro return!) and the airport is only 3 short hours from Lake Taney! πŸ™‚ My friend from Berlin just saw this post and is trying to get off work so she can join too! Thanks for doing the research Andreas! πŸ™‚

      1. I used, the German rail operator. They have the best website for all train travel in Central Europe.
        I can’t tell you the prices unfortunately because for international trips, they will only tell you the prices once you start the booking process because some prices depend on your age and what RailCards you have.

      2. Cool, well thanks for the info and all your hard work! Good to know about that site, will deffo use it in the future!

    1. haha I know I’m feeling like I might have to give this lil adventure a miss BUT the organizer guy emailed me and said they happen quite often so hopefully I can make it to one during the summer. They have one where they suspend the jacuzzi 150 metres in the air from a bridge!!!! Now that sounds like my kinda adventure!

    1. I know it looks so fun, right? I think I even convinced a friend in Berlin to go even tho I myself might not even make it! haha

  2. Looks fun, but I’m not one to jump in a jacuzzi with a bunch of strangers….although, maybe it would be interesting. You’ll have to keep us updated with a post-jacuzzi post. πŸ™‚ Good luck with the travel arrangements. I would ahve suggested the train as well, although the 70 euro Ryanair sounds much faster.

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