My Wacky-Tacky Umbrella Camera

That’s right…I attached my super, awesome ,wide-angle, water proof GoPro camera to the top of a super wacky, tacky, green umbrella as an experiment and boy was I pleased with the results. Cause you know, I’m cool like that. Turned out to be a perfect way to get those high angle shots, especially as people kept looking up at the wacky-tacky green umbrella with a puzzled look, which made for awesome “up close and personal” shots of completely bewildered strangers!  

Mission accomplished.

I know it’s 7 minutes long (a lifetime, eh?) so feel free to skip about a bit…enjoy! 


7 thoughts on “My Wacky-Tacky Umbrella Camera

    1. Thanks Josh…today I put my camera on a kite and flew it around the park…such fun! Im loving experimenting with different angles!

  1. Love being able to see the “wacky” Dutch canival from your “wacky” camera angle, the dancing in the streets, big hats and hair, way out costumes! Too funny! I’ve never been to a carnival before, now I have!! Thanks!

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