Cup Cake Heaven

 I decided to make multi-colored cupcakes, and boy were they delicious…looking!

Nom, nom nom.

Step 1: Pour a little food coloring into the cake mix
Step 2: Mix!
Step 3: Pour mixture into cupcake tin, 1 layer at a time
The end product: multi colored cupcakes!

7 thoughts on “Cup Cake Heaven

    1. haha yea they are a bit bright, eh? As I said they were delicious..looking but I may have used a teeny tiny bit *too* much food coloring haha.

  1. My nephews would love this idea; they’re very into tie-dyed things right now. I wonder how it would be if you added flavor extracts to go along with the different colors. Like strawberry flavor with red coloring, and banana flavor with yellow coloring. Hmm …

    1. I think that sounds like a FANTASTIC idea! I only added a bit of vanilla essence so they didn’t have too much different tastes (apart from maybe a little too much food coloring!).

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