Celebrate Good Times!

Got my exam results for my Masters course today and I am nothing short of delighted. Considering I jumped off a trampoline into the Irish Sea wearing nothing but a sexy santa dress the evening before one of my exams, it might just be a miracle I did so well.

But I did do well. In fact, I got more A’s so far in my masters than I got in all 4 years of my Bachelor!Then again, that doesn’t say much considering how big of a messer I was during my undergraduate, drinking in the SU bar every night and getting myself elected onto every club and society committee under the sun to distract me from the monotony of my dreaded lectures.

I guess this is a new leaf for me, and it feels so amazing to be doing a course that I actually love and believe in. The fact that I’m getting good grades on top of that is like the icing on the cake!

Today, I’m so happy I could burst!


18 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times!

  1. Congratulations, Kudos, Mazel Tov … and ALL that!! It’s a great feeling to work hard and see your efforts rewarded, and to focus your attention & really learn!! Thanks for sharing your well-earned joy!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Betty! It really doen feel good to see all your hard work paid off and is really motivating me to keep studying/working hard on the things im passionate about!

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