Close your eyes

Close your eyes. Now I want you to picture something. Huge sweeping hills, everything covered in long green grasses and tall, flat topped trees. Flowing rivers and gushing waterfalls, the cool water spraying gently on your face. Wild flowers creating a rainbow of colour in contrast to the lush green hills an clear blue sky. You can feel the cool breeze working its way through the mountain valley, as you smell the sweet scent of all nature has to offer.

Then, as the sun sets and night descends, the sky fills up with millions of bright stars, a sweeping trail across the milky way. Listen closely and you can hear the howls of wild dogs and wolves in the distance. Curl up in front of the warm bonfire, watching the smoke float upwards into darkness, as a local witch doctor recounts stories of both the perils and the joy of living in these hills.

Take a look at these pictures and again try to imagine such a mystical place. Then, let me know where you think this is!


19 thoughts on “Close your eyes

  1. Love the idea. Fifth picture is throwing me. I’ll throw my dart out there and say Central America. This is, of course, a large place so I’ll accept a “getting warmer/colder” kind of answer. πŸ˜‰

    1. Nope not Bali! Not sure how happy the mushrooms were although our very knowledgable guide did believe EVERYTHING in nature can be used as a remedy to illness instead of modern medicine which was pretty interesting.

    1. wow…I never would have guessed, but that’s bc I’ve never been near Ethiopia. I guess the acacia trees was one clue (at least they look like acacias to me) Your travels are simply amazing!

  2. I guessed it was in Kenya, but I was too cheeky and read other people’s comments and found the answer is Ethiopia. LOL..

    But making Kenya my first guess, was not that bad, hey? πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

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