United States of Trad

A friend sent me this link today. As I think it’s pretty awesome, and am astonished it only has 182 youtube hits, I’m sharing it here for all my wonderful readers to check out! These guys are reproducing some of 2011’s top hits…except they are giving them the ‘trad treatment’. What do you guys think? Can you guess the song right away? I wonder what song they will do next…


5 thoughts on “United States of Trad

  1. I don’t recognize the song. I’m not up on popular culture anymore. I gave up around the time Lady Gaga came along. I liked what I heard. Are they identical triplets? Have you heard of the Snake of Eden? They’re a Swedish metal band consisting of identical triplets. Pretty crazy world. I’m of Irish descent but I don’t recognize the tune as an old standby either.

    1. Oh My God…either I’m such an idiot or these guys are WAY too clever for me!! It is only one guy..playing all 3 instruments and the clever camera man has filmed him 3 separate times and somehow edited it together!! Also, it’s not 1 song..its a mesh of the Top songs from 2011!!

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