Right place, right time

I was cycling past the climbing wall in Groningen yesterday just as a skilled climber lost her grip and swung down from the dizzying heights she was trying to reach. Click, click, click went my camera shutter!

Right place, at the right time! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Right place, right time

  1. You are a great photographer! Part of being a great photographer is that you always have your camera with you. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera, just that it is there and you are ready to click, click, click. Great capture. Photography is a lot like hunting. You are hunting for the images that will make other people stop and say, “What an eye this person has!” Good job!

    1. Thanks Russell, I love all your positive feedback, really boosts my confidence and helps me to realise my potential! 🙂

    1. I’ve never climbed it either. Would love to but they said you have to be an experienced climber! Boooo! 😦

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