How to lose 300 Euro in 3 seconds

With so many balloons and color, you would think this would be an uplifting tale but sadly it’s the devastating story of how my 3 month old, 300 Euro GoPro Camera is now floating over the skies above Ireland, or maybe even over the Atlantic!

Yesterday, the gloriously sunny day that it was, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to attach my camera to a load of balloons and attempt to get some great aerial shots of my hosue and farm. Half a tank of helium, 23 balloons and a little help from my younger cousins and our kitchen was a maze-like rainbow of colour and string!

I made a mount for the camera using some old styrofoam, and attached the mount to the balloon bouquet using 4 evenly cut lengths of twine. With one end tied to the camera mount, and the other end tied to my 10 year old cousin (my thinking behind this was unless the wind is strong enough to lift my cousin off the ground my camera will be safe!) we were ready to get going.

As we slowly let the leash out more and more, the balloons, mount and camera slowly rose higher and higher above the house, taking what I hope would awesome aerial shots of the house, garden and farmland.

Then suddenly, in front of my eyes, a gust of wind yanked the whole masterpiece, the twine snapped, and as we all jumped and screamed trying to grab the end of the line, we watched as my amazing camera (my pride and joy, ,my most prized possesion) glided quickly up into the clear blue sky. Within minutes it had risen hundreds of feet and was only a tiny speck in the distance, drifing away from me and towards the local town!

I ran inside, grabbed my car keys, and frantically drove to the other side of town to see if I could catch a glimpse of what direction it was going. The trip was fruitless and I drove home slowly, feeling a mixture of sadness and shock, in total disbelief at what had just happened! I mean the whole thing was almost comical!


I text the local radio station, RedFM, and they rang me back straight away, so I could speak live on air and tell their listeners my little dilemma! Within an hour somebody text in saying they could see the balloons flying over the banteer area, well over 50 miles from whereI live! Although this got my hopes up, I soon realised that within another hour, if the wind kept blowing in a North Easterly direction, my dear camera would be breezing over the Atlantic Ocean! Devastated.

RIP GoPro, at least your farewell was a colorful one!

RIP GoPro, Safe Trip across the Atlantic!

42 thoughts on “How to lose 300 Euro in 3 seconds

    1. haha for sure! I think it’s all still sinking in. The thought of not having a camera anymore is devastating. No more photos for my blog, no documneting my 2 week trip to Georgia later this month. 😦 Devastated. I can’t believe it’s gone.

      1. I might have an old samsung lying around somewhere you can borrow if you’re stuck for your trip, (disclaimer: it’s no great shakes) Will have a look for it this evening

      2. Aww if you do let me know, would have it back to ya in June! Janet without a camera is a very sad Janet.

  1. I am SO SORRY! But it is the most interesting story about a lost camera I’ve heard. Usually it’s just “I can’t believe I left it on the subway!” or something similar. You do everything more interestingly than others it seems!

    1. Thanks for the sympathy Karen. It departed in style but this is the one occasion I wish I had been a boring old fart and NOT being so darn imaginitive. That way I would still have my lovely camera. 😦

      1. I know how the feeling of losing your pride and joy! Mine has been gone for about 5 months now…both of them actually.
        What a story though! Too bad you didn’t have a gun on hand to shoot the balloons and bring it down! So…Im’ guessing you didn’t set it up to take some kick ass pictures of the horizon? That would be groovy. Who knows…maybe it will make it over the atlantic…find it’s way to UK somehow…

  2. Sorry to hear about your cameras Josh, it really sucks right?

    Actually the wind was blowing north westerly…so the next land mass after Ireland will be either Iceland, Greenland or Canada but deffo not the UK!! haha. Would be some story if it turns up some place unexpected. 🙂

  3. What a terrible loss! I would be crying buckets of tears! I hope you plan on replacing the camera. You take some awesome pictures. It would be a blow to your followers if you stopped including photography with your text. If it floats all the way to Los Angeles, I promise to return it to you.

    1. Russell you will never believe this but someone found it…about a half hour drive from my house. I went and picked it up and have it with me now…there are over 900 AMAZING aerial photographs! So amazing!!

      1. Indeed. Also the photos it took on its adventure are truly amazing!! 🙂

    1. You sure did! The camera has been found, collected AND all the amazing aerial photos are been uploaded now! An easter miracle!! 🙂

  4. Awww! I’m so sorry! I would die if my camera floated away – we’ve been thru so much together that it feels almost human to me. Hey, can you get the radio station to hold a contest with a prize for the person who finds your camera & returns it?

      1. O.M.G. This is incredible! You’re going to have to change the name of your blog now – “Journalist on the Fly.” I’m so glad you got your camera back. I hope you’ll post some of those amazing aerial shots!

      1. Thanks Inigo! 🙂 P.s one of my best friends in college is called Inigo too! 😉

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