Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

The first image is a photo I took of two child shepherds in the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia. The second and third images are just edits of the first one, which I cropped and decided to change to black and white.

Brother and Sister, side by side. Two beautiful subjects. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

    1. I know. I really loved their eyes, such beautiful children. When I sharpened the cropped images it made so much difference. 🙂

      1. No they didn’t speak any English so it was pretty hard to communicate with them. They seemed quite carefree roaming the hills but I couldn’t help but feel for them knowing, as a teacher, how much they were missing out by not attending school. 😦

    1. I agree Carl. Sadly she was not allowed to go to school yet was no doubt mature beyond her years, with a huge burden of responsibility on her shoulders looking after the families herd of goats.

    1. I totally agree with you Karen, I only wish I could have spoken their language and spent some time playing with them.

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