Choo Chooo – The Trans-Georgia ‘Express’!

Some photos from our over-night train adventure to West Georgia!

Hanging out of the train to catch some fresh air, check out the conductor in the back!
Dawn breaks in West Georgia
How many students can you fit in 1 cabin? LOTS!!
Watching the Sun Rise from he train, so beautiful!
The narrow corridor and ancient decor!
Sunrise from the train, bliss!
Self Portrait! 🙂
Passing through a deserted station in West Georgia
Our ‘first class’ cabin!!
Room (cabin!) with a view! 🙂
Good Morning Zugdidi!
The MOST disgusting toilet IN THE WORLD!!



16 thoughts on “Choo Chooo – The Trans-Georgia ‘Express’!

    1. It might have been better without. NOBODY was putting their backside near that thing for fear of all sorts of diseases one might get. it was made of metal, discoloured, rusting, there was pee and poop everywhere as it didnt flush and the leaver to empty everything was broken.
      In Georgia a lot of the toilets were just hole in the ground, which was bad, not not as bad as the train toilet!

    1. Oh girl you have no idea! Like I just said to Andreas above, it was more than grim!! Trying to hold on to something so my backside did not touch anything while the train swings side to side was pretty hilarious!!

    1. Was so difficult, holding onto whatever there was available and trying not to…..okay im not going to go into details haha was so hard to hover lol

  1. Just wrote a post for the Foreign Eyes Friday section of my blog about how animals get their offspring to poop, and this post of yours came to mind. Could not stop laughing at the parallels! You see, stressed animals oftentimes hold in their excrement. They simply refuse to poop for up to a week, sometimes. Well, that would have been me if confronted by this bathroom in your post! 😯

    Did you make love to your clean toilet when you returned home? 😆

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