Twinkling Twilight in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is far from the most exciting city in the world, full of honking horns, construction work and debilitating post-soviet flats. However, at night all this changes, and the city comes alive with twinkling fairytale lights and becomes pure magic!


9 thoughts on “Twinkling Twilight in Tbilisi

  1. Very cool! I’d love to know where the gazebo doorway in the last photo leads to … probably something boring, but I’d like to imagine it takes you into the city catacombs where Indiana Jones’ll be waiting.

  2. Great night shots. They bring a feeling of nostalgia, İ know each one of those views as if İ was walking by myself now. İ was always walking and walking along those streets. İ loved going up on the hill beneath the walls and drink in the city and some beer or local wine, sweet and sour as it was

  3. Hey Janet, wanted to say hi and drop in on your blog. Seems like your leading a nomadic life which is very exciting. What kind of camera dslr do you have? the vista you provide are amazing. I wish I had to time and money to see more places, but back in school and labouring through work.

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