Six Degrees of Separation- Do you know this guy?

Man who lost his camera with over 2,800 photos in Amsterdam

**UPDATE** – They have found the guy!! The power of facebook!!

Facebook; you may love it, you may hate it, you may waste most of your days browsing through it, but one thing it certainly has going is that it makes the world a smaller place. The guy in the picture above lost his camera in Amsterdam this week..a camera containing over 2,800 images of his no doubt amazing trip throughout Europe. Some one has since then found the camera in a train station in Amsterdam  and has posted the photo above and the message  below, which has been shared over 13,000 times on facebook in the last 10 hours, in an attempt to track down the owner;

“My father in law found a red Nikon Coolpix camera on 2012-06-20 in the train at the station Amsterdam Amstel in the Netherlands. His photos show a trip throughout Europe from about 2012-05-07. Since 2012-06-15 he stayed in Amsterdam. We would like to give him back the camera and the photos. Please Like, Share and spread this photo around so we can give him back his camera! Thanks!”

 Losing a camera is bad enough but losing one with over 2,800 photos…that’s devastating. TRUST ME, I’ve been there and I felt like a little part of me had died.(You can read about my camera/ballon adventure HERE!) That is until some kind stranger found it, tracked me down and gave it back to me. And it felt like all my dreams had come true at once. So, can you make this guys dreams come true? Email if you have any further information that could help. Let’s hope some really good Karma comes to the guy that found the camera too, just for good measure! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation- Do you know this guy?

    1. I feel like it already has gone viral. When I shared it on my facebook wall it had been shared 8,000 times. Less than an hour later and it has been shared over 15,000 times. Madness. I’m so excited to see if he gets his camera back!

  1. Wow – I would be completely distraught if I lost all my photos from Europe. Can’t even imagine! Thank God for good people like the man who is making an effort to find the owner!

  2. This is why I like facebook. A week ago, a dog was stolen somewhere in Hamburg, and the owner published it on facebook. I don’t know if the dog was found yet, though.

    1. I know, it’s such a great way to connect and share with the world. Ohh I hope they get their dog back! 😦

    1. Awesome! Lately I’m REALLY seeing the good in people. 2 weeks ago I know an old lady who got her handbag returned to her with everything in it, not a cent taken, after she left it in a train station in rural Holland. And my cousin left his iPhone in a London taxi and another passenger later that night found it, managed to track him down and return it. People amaze me.

  3. Just shared it on Facebook. I so hope he can be reunited with his camera. If it happens, what an amazing feeling that will be! I was so excited following your tory when your camera was returned. 🙂

  4. The very same thing happened to friends of ours who we were traveling with in Hawaii. They never did find the camera. Fortunately, as we were traveling together most of our pictures were the same… we gave them copies but its still was devastating for sure!

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