Body Painting World Record

This Saturday, the wonderful people from “Cork Body Painting”, are aiming to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records by body painting more than 264 brave Corkonians (and anyone else who turns up!).

The chance to get naked (again!!) with hundreds of others and get painted by cool artists from head to toe? YES PLEASE!

As you can guess I signed up straight away and have since seen that lots of my outgoing couchsurfing friends have signed up to! I really hope the day is a success so I can tick off “Set a World Record” from my never-ending Bucket List! I have already picked out what colours I want to be painted but still need to decide on a cool design so let me know if you have any ideas!

If you want to sign up, you must do it before MIDNIGHT today!You can send an email to or check out their facebook page. If you are feeling REALLY brave you can also sign up for the Cork Naked Bike Ride taking place on 3pm on the same day!

Some Models involved in promoting the world Record Event!

6 thoughts on “Body Painting World Record

  1. Wow, the girl on the left has an awesome design and is hot to boot! haha
    Wish I could join, I’ve always wanted to be painted.

    You remind me of the sun, so maybe a sunflower?

    Sun and for each eye….and below on your body is the tree of life. You could also try doing some kind of animal..whatever your favorite may be. Or be a superhero.

  2. This wonderful. You need to be something very exotic with lots of fiery colours. No blues or cool colours. I can’t to wait to see what you come up with.

    1. Thanks Mark…I think a few of the guys did have funny signs like that! It was a great, and very successful day!

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