My 3rd adventure of the year – getting muddy at the Runamuck challenge in Kildare…the coldest I’ve ever felt…ever.

One Fit Mucker

I guess the name of the race, RunaMUCK, kind of says it all. But let me describe the mayhem anyway…

The Runamuck Challenge is a “fun run” in County Kildare where crazy, adventurous, loony bins give up their saturday afternoon to run a 5km  obstacle course. I use the word “fun” with caution because it could arguably be called “Hellish” or even “painful“. Participants spend up to an hour in almost sub-zero temperatures leaping over hay bales, over ditches, under nets, through rivers and tyres, down slippery slides into mud pools, through trees and wading through endless mucky pits filled with more mud than any pig could possibly care for!

I have to say that although it was fun and I would actually do it again, I must admit that I have NEVER been so cold in my life. And please note that this is coming from a…

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