A story of survival

A heartwarming story. I feel priveledged that I got to meet and play with this beautiful boy while visiting the HOPE hospital in Kolkata last week. I really hope he has a full recovery! x

The Hope Foundation Blog

A lot of people have been asking about Ganesh, a 4 year old boy who was found on the streets of Kolkata by the HOPE night watch team in Decemeber. When rescued, he was fighting for his life with severe malnutrition, respiratory distress and diarrhea. He was 4 years old and only weighed 9 kg. Everyone was very scared whether he would make it through alive.

However, Volunteers who visited the HOPE hospital over the last few months will have witnessed the slow but progressive improvements in his health. In february he was positively responding to treatment and now after 3 months of care in the HOPE hospital, Ganesh is well on the road to making a full recovery.

He is now sitting up in his bed, loves colouring and will even play catch with you using a water balloon or soft toy. Soon, we pray, he will be ableā€¦

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